You can apply for EMC2 membership online by following the link below.

What you’ll need to apply:

  • Copy of current, JCP-signed DD2345 certification
  • DCSA-approved mitigation plan OR signed Export Compliance Acknowledgment Form for those operating under FOCI


View the EMC2 Consortium Membership Agreement in the link below.


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Please contact for questions about membership or application assistance.


Expeditionary Missions Consortium provides a direct connection to the Government which allows members to identify, prioritize, prepare for, and shape upcoming activities


Provides visibility into Government needs and priorities, enabling members to direct R&D (and IR&D) investments to meet them


Operates through flexible contracting vehicle capable of multiple taskings with a single set of terms and conditions

Market Expansion

Creates a channel for small businesses and new suppliers to identify opportunities and establish customer relationships


Minimizes cash flow challenges through rapid, single-point-contracting capability of Consortium Management Firm (CMF)

Common membership questions.

A consortium is an association of individuals, companies, organizations or governments (or any combination of these entities) with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center – Crane Division has established an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) to engage industry and academia to perform basic, applied, and advanced research projects, and prototype projects in support of current and future needs related to Expeditionary Missions Technologies.  The consortium will address requirements in the areas of Power & Energy Systems; Specialized Munitions; Weapon Systems; Maneuver, Surveillance, & Engagement; Integrated Software; Command, Control, Communications and Information (C3i) & Cyber; and Electro-Optic Technology.  ATI is excited about creating this new consortium to support NSWC Crane’s research and prototyping initiatives.  Join EMC2 to access business and research opportunities focused on research, development, testing, and integrating complex systems across a broad range of technology areas and disciplines.

A Consortium Management Firm (CMF) is a critical link between Government and Industry. The CMF provides administrative and other specialized services to help ensure that the needs of both are met in an efficient and expeditious manner. Advanced Technology International (ATI), a not-for-profit corporation, is the consortium management firm for the Expeditionary Missions Consortium – Crane(EMC2).
Learn more about ATI here:
This is the Agreement that governs the rights and obligations of the EMC2 Member Organization as they relate to the operation of EMC2.
  • Opportunity to become active partners in the research and development of technology supporting the expeditionary missions community.
  • Work closely with government program sponsors to develop research and development funding priorities.
  • Direct access to government funding sponsors and technology managers as well as information regarding ongoing research and development activities, future research and development requirements and strategic visioning.
  • The ability to compete for funding executed under U.S. Code § 4021 to carry out basic, applied, and advanced research projects and under U.S. Code 4022 for prototyping and follow-on production.
  • Outreach and networking opportunities with other industry and academia members, as well as government stakeholders.
  • Access to training, webinars, assistance, and information about doing business with the government, navigating through the associated processes, and forecasting future trends.
  • Access (through the Members Only site) to information and points of contact for other EMC2 members.

Typically, 1-2 days if the application is complete. If an application is incomplete, the Consortium Management Firm will reach out to the applicant to discuss any missing elements.

EMC2 members are required to maintain an active DD2345. United States (U.S.)/Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP) certification establishes the eligibility of a U.S. or Canadian contractor to receive technical data governed, in the U.S., by Department of Defense (DOD) Directive 5230.25 and, in Canada, by the Technical Data Control Regulations (TDCR). Certification is required for United States (U.S.) or Canadian contractors who wish to obtain access to unclassified technical data disclosing militarily critical technology with military or space application that is under the control of, or in the possession of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) or the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND). In order to obtain a certification, contractors must submit a DD2345 Form to the United States (U.S.)/Canada Joint Certification Office, along with supporting company documentation. Please visit the DLA website for more information regarding the DD2345 process, including the form itself as well as instructions and FAQs. According to the JCP’s website, the processing time for DD2345 Form applications fluctuate depending on the delivery method to their office and the volume of applications received. If there are problems with the application, e.g. incomplete or incorrect information, delays will occur. The website includes tips for avoiding these mistakes. Recent experience indicates a range of a few days to a few weeks.

The DD2345 form and instructions are available on DLA’s website:

A non-traditional defense contractor is defined in 10 U.S.C § 2302(9) – Any entity that is not currently performing or has not performed in the last one-year period preceding the solicitation of sources by the Department of Defense (DoD), any contract or subcontract for the DoD that is subject to full CAS coverage.

Collaboration events may be held in conjunction with the release of solicitations to the EMC2 member organizations. These events give the Government the opportunity to discuss their Expeditionary Mission needs and for EMC2 members to share their state-of-the-art technologies and technical solutions. They also give EMC2 members an opportunity to network with other members to develop teaming relationships.

More information on the Members Only Site will be provided to members once available.